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Calderwood Valley’s new public art sculpture stands tall, telling the story of the region

You may have spotted a new art sculpture in our community, that is standing tall and telling the story of our region!

Created by far south coast sculptural artist Jen Mallinson, in collaboration with local Indigenous illustrative artist Richard Campbell, the art piece is called ‘Interconnection’, and is a grand metal archway that will welcome residents and visitors alike into Calderwood Valley.

“This sculpture features intricate patterns of various plants and animals as well as a graphic representation of an ancient pathway across this region of land used by Indigenous Australians,” Jen said. “The archway represents an entrance, portal, and an act of coming together. Passing through an arch is the symbolic act of rebirth, a passage through both spatial and temporal landscapes.”

The inspiration for the art piece has been drawn from the local natural environment. Three metal ribbon-like arches emerge from the ground and intertwine, representing the movement of the local waterways.

Illustrations cut out of the metal represent local landscapes, flora and fauna – you may recognise the waterway depicted is The Macquarie Rivulet, or spot the drawings of unique native animals like the Bilimaa- long neck turtle, Mugadaang – Goanna and Gununggwir- Echidna!

Tracing the routes and roots of this land, the drawings also interpret ancient pathways walked by the Indigenous people that inhabited this area, connecting their home grounds in the mountains to those by the coast.

“I am excited to have collaborated with local First Nations artist Richard Campbell on this project,” Jen said. “I feel it was vitally important to incorporate an interpretation of this ancient pathway, as it connects the past with the future of this area. This place marker sculpture aims to instil a feeling of connection to place for all people that call Calderwood home.”

Lendlease Social Impact Manager, Alison Ora, is excited for residents to see the piece up close and personal.  “Public art helps build the cultural identity of a community, fostering community pride and a special sense of belonging in the neighbourhood”, Alison said. “We’re excited for our residents to enjoy this artwork, which uniquely reflects our area and its history, for years to come.”

A vibrant community story at Calderwood Valley

Perfectly positioned in the heart of the Illawarra and nestled between the escarpment and the ocean, Calderwood Valley is a place where you can experience the beauty of nature, a unique sense of belonging and community, and the convenience of urban living.

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