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Applications for The Seedling Grant Fund are now open!

Are you a not-for-profit organisation wanting to take your community project to the next level? Why not apply for Calderwood Valley’s Community Grants Program?

Here at Calderwood Valley, we’re all about creating a more connected community for our residents and supporting projects that have a lasting impact on the community. That’s why we are looking to fund programs, initiatives or events that benefit the community through improving social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Our Community Grants Program is the ideal opportunity for local organisations and groups to ensure they can continue contributing to the communities’ wellbeing.

  • We’re specifically looking for programs which:
  • Educate / up-skill the community
  • Promote sustainability initiatives and/ or nature-based projects
  • Assist the start-up of community groups, programs, social enterprise
  • Celebrate the culture and history of the Calderwood Valley area
  • Connect and strengthen relationships within the community
  • Activate community spaces and places


Applications for the 2023 Spring Calderwood Valley Seedling Fund Community Grants Program are now open.

Applications for the 2023 Spring Seedling Community Grants are open until Wednesday 19 July 2023. A total funding pool of $7,000 ($2 000 per applicant, with a $500 top up for two applicants, based on a community vote) is available.

The Lendlease Community Grants Program facilitates a wide range of grants for eligible initiatives across several categories including education and employment, health and wellbeing, social cohesion, environment and sustainability, and innovation and technology. 

Previous Calderwood Valley grant recipient, the Sir Martin Foundation, received a $4,400 grant towards their Triple Care Farm’s Aftercare Program which gives over 200 vulnerable young Aussies aged 16-24 a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities. Today, they are continuing to make a positive impact in the local Illawarra community.

Find out more about how you can apply here.

Are you ready to apply?

  • If you’re an organisation considering applying for a grant, here’s a quick and easy checklist to ensure you’ve done everything you need to put your best foot forward in your application:

Check you are eligible to apply

  • Make sure you’re a not-for-profit with a valid ABN that is not a government ABN.

Are you project ready?

  • Consider why you need the funding and ensure you have clear objectives and goals for what you’d like to achieve. Make sure your delivery time is within a 12-month period.

Do you have community support?

  • Can you demonstrate how your project will benefit your local community? Make sure you can obtain letters of support from this community.

Be sure to have a clear budget

  • This shows us that your project is thought out, cost effective and, of course, feasible.

Include your organisation financial information

  • We’ll need current signed audited financial statements for the full calendar year.

Consider how you will support your Funding Partner

  • This could include social media, signage, newsletters or invitations to attend the launch of your project.

Ready to go? Apply here.