5 Stunning Winter Walking Trails Near Calderwood Valley


Winter usually brings to mind hot chocolate, warm fireplaces, and cosy nights; but with mild winter weather in the Illawarra region, it’s a great time to get outside and go for a walk!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced walker, challenge yourself this winter to acquaint yourself with one - or more! - of these winter walking trails near Calderwood Valley.


Calderwood Valley Jump Rock


Clover Hill Trail and Macquarie Pass Jump Rock - 10km from Calderwood Valley


Nestled within Macquarie Pass, the Clover Hill Trail is an easily accessible short bush walk up a former logging trail. The trail will take you to the top of a waterfall that leads down to the jump rock.


For those feeling a little more adventurous, consider taking a walk along the creek to Rainbow Falls, which drops into a small canyon.


To find the trail, when it opens up with cabbage tree palms, choose the left fork. After a few hundred metres there is a hidden track on the right which will take you to the creek and Rainbow Falls. Do exercise caution here as the rocks can be very slippery and there are drop-offs. The trail will take you to the top of a waterfall that leads down to the jump rock.


Walk time: 6km return / 2-3hrs

Points of interest: Waterfalls, birdwatching, kangaroos on the plains




Clover Hill Trail and Macquarie Pass Jump Rock


Cascade Falls - 11km from Calderwood Valley


A short distance from the Clove Hill Trail in the Macquarie Park National Pass, the Cascade Falls trail is the perfect family-friendly walk through the rainforest to the waterfall and pool.


Pass through the tall eucalypt forest, past native figs and lilly pilly; with so much diversity consider packing binoculars and a book on local flora and fauna for children to identify what they are seeing. If you sit quietly, you may see lyrebirds, platypuses, or goannas!


Walk time: 2km return/ 45mins - 1hr 15mins

Points of interest: Rainforest, native flora and fauna, birdwatching

Cascade Falls

Photo: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


Minnamurra Rainforest - 16km from Calderwood Valley


Located within Budderoo National Park, the Minnamurra Rainforest and waterfall is a popular walk in the Illawarra region.


The rainforest walk is on an elevated boardwalk with some paved sections. The lower falls and creek area is perfect for beginner walkers. For those seeking a challenge, the upper falls can be accessed along a steep path.


Enjoy the ambience of the rainforest, try to spot the lyrebirds, and enjoy a picnic at one of the kiosks along the walk.


This walk is currently under redevelopment and will be reopening in the coming months.


Walk time: 1.3km return / 1hr




Bong Bong Pass Walk & Lookout - 18km from Calderwood Valley


This lesser-known bush walk, this trail is for intermediate to advanced walkers as it is quite challenging to walk up the Escarpment sections. 


Originally an Aboriginal pass long before early Illawarrians journeyed over the mountain in horse and sulky. Today, dense rainforest engulfs the pass. For those who make it to the top, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the surrounding area.


Walk time: 5km return / 3-4hours

Key points of interest: Views of the coast, challenging bushwalk, fauna

Points of interest: Waterfall and canyon, Lyrebird Cafe, spotting wallabies and lyrebirds


Walk time: 1.3km return / 1hr

Points of interest: Waterfall and canyon, Lyrebird Cafe, spotting wallabies and lyrebirds


Bong Bong Pass Walk and Lookout


Brokers Nose - 33km from Calderwood Valley


The perfect bush walk for all experience levels to showcase the best of the region, Brokers Nose is an easy walk suitable for people of all fitness levels atop Mt Ousley.


The walk combines 180-degree views of Wollongong and the coastline on one side with views of the Escarpment on the other. While this walk is suitable year round, it is best experienced in spring when the wildflowers begin to bloom.


The entrance to the trail is at the truck stop (not the one with bathrooms). From there, you will see a green gate that marks the entrance of the trail.


Walk time: 3.5km return / 1.5hours

Points of interest: Views of Wollongong and the coast from 440m above sea level, inscribed rocks from more than 100-years ago, wildflowers blooming in spring





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