Get involved with sports clubs in the Illawarra



Joining a sports club can be incredibly rewarding for you and your children. Improving fitness, having fun, and, maybe most importantly, the chance to meet others in the community are just some of the reasons why becoming a member of a team in the Illawarra is such a great idea.

With a home in Calderwood Valley, you’re in the heart of a strong sporting region. It’s time to get amongst it! Whether you’re looking for a junior club for the little ones or want to hop on board yourself, here are some things to keep in mind.


Why joining a sports team in the Illawarra is such a great idea

Even if you haven’t played since your school days or your children haven’t found their favourite activity yet, now’s a great time to get involved! Here are a few reasons why:

Social benefits

One of the best things about Calderwood Valley and the Illawarra in general is the strong sense of community. When you join a team, you see just how tight knit the area can be. You’ll be spending time with people who have at least one shared interest (your sport!) and working together toward a common goal can quickly lead to friendship outside of team activities. 

And there are plenty of social benefits even if you’re not the one hitting the court or pitch.

If you’re regularly taking your kids to training and matches, you’ll have the chance to meet other parents who live in the area. This could lead to some new friends for you, too.

And, of course, playing on a team can have a huge effect on young kids. They can build friendships, learn key behaviours and discover a joy for sport and exercise.

Health benefits

You might already be a regular jogger or walker, but it’s always useful to have a goal to keep you motivated and healthy. A sports club with normal training sessions and match schedule can make all the difference. 

As hard as it can be to take care of your own fitness, it can be even tougher making sure the kiddos get outside. Joining a sports club can get them in the habit of taking time for physical fitness. They can look forward to having fun at certain times each week, and at the very least you know you’ll be tearing them away from their screens for a bit!

Mental benefits

Work getting you down? Get some bad news about a friend or family member? Wronged by a delivery service that didn’t come through? All of those things can build up and frustrate you. Instead of taking things out on those you hold dear or keeping them bottled up, let loose during sport! Competition is a great time to release some of the pent-up energy you have inside. 

Competition can also be a fantastic way for kids to learn important lessons they will carry through life. Teamwork, sharing, accepting failure, feeling the joy of success and achieving goals are all valuable life experiences that kids can be exposed to in sport.


How to join a sports team

So you’ve just moved to Calderwood Valley and don’t really know many people. That’s not an issue! Finding a sports club that works for you is not too difficult. Most clubs are always looking for new people of all skill levels to join. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about for posters and other announcements for open days. These are made for those who want to check out what a club is all about!



Some clubs to check out

The Illawarra and its surrounding area is home to dozens of great clubs in a variety of sports. Here are just a few that you could check out if looking to get involved with a team. Some of the links below will lead you to organisations that can help direct you to the right club for you, while others will take you directly to a specific team. And don’t worry if you don’t see your sport or specific area listed—this is just a list to get you started!


Aussie Rules







Lawn Bowls



Rugby League





Setting up home in Calderwood Valley puts you in the heart of a great sporting region. Consider contacting one of these clubs if you’re ready to get yourself or your children involved in more fun, healthy activities.