Why a Calderwood Valley House and Land Package Could be Perfect for You


Sometimes the search for the perfect home isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be. You might find an amazing area to live in, only to find issues with the available homes in the area. Or perhaps you find a home in your dream location, but the existing property there just isn’t quite right.

Luckily, Lendlease offers land and house packages that can solve these issues for you. With some of the best land and house packages in New South Wales, you take control of residence. No need to be stuck with homes built by others, for others, decades ago! On top of this, you get the added benefits of having a safe, sustainable community for you and your family and adventure awaiting just around the corner.

Still don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons why buying a house and land package in Calderwood Valley could be the right move for you and your family and how to go about getting your own home in the Illawarra.

  • Flexibility

    Buying a land and house package at Calderwood Valley gives you flexibility you won’t find with a pre-existing home. You can have your say on the exact plot you will be living on, as well as the size, layout and even the fine details of your home if you decide to assist in the design process.

  • Modernity

    A house and land package gives you the chance to enjoy bright and shiny new features and amenities instead of those with a lot of wear and tear. Some might call the quirks of an established property charming, but there’s nothing charming about having to shell out thousands of dollars to update stained vinyl floors or old wooden panelled rooms.

  • Compliance

When you buy a house and land package, you can get the guts of your home sorted out right the first time. Don’t worry about updating existing electrical, water and other utilities to get them up to scratch with current code. Your expert Calderwood builders will set you up on a strong foundation for the future.



At Calderwood Valley, you have two options for buying a house and land package:


  1. Split contract: House and land

    With a land and house split contract, you sign one agreement for the land purchase and one for the construction of your home. While you are still able to make adjustments to the design of the home, the builder will have already measured the plot up with the design of the home to ensure that it all fits.


  2. Single contract: House and land

    With a single contract, you enter into an agreement directly with the builder, with a deposit up front and final payment when the entire build is complete. This often means you are in a good position to save a larger deposit for your home loan.

    When you’re deciding which house and land package would work best for you and your family, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    Firstly, figure out exactly what you are looking for in a home and what best suits you and your family’s needs. Since you’re in control from start to finish, you can accommodate all of these wants and needs. Think particularly about the storeys, rooms, layout and what the overall design would be in your ideal home; not just now but in the future. Will you need a big back yard to let your pets run around, or maybe an extra bedroom for family to come and visit? nk particularly about single or double storey, number of rooms, t family'he house hasn' and choose the design to suit you. e

    Before making any decisions, come and view several different display homes in the Calderwood Display Village. The Display Village has dozens of homes from 20 builders. See what you like and find out more about other building options available on your request. 

    If you’ve imagined something that isn’t included in the options of your chosen builder, don’t rule it out. Calderwood Valley design consultants and builders are creative, flexible and more than willing to help, and could be able to adapt their designs to suit you.

    With all this in mind, you should be in a great position to choose a home and land package that works for you. Come and check out the fantastic options available at the Calderwood Display Village and start making plans for your new home today.