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An update on the progress of your lot - Stage 3C1B

This is a quick courtesy update to inform you that we have lodged Stage 3C1B subdivision certificate documents with Shellharbour City Council. We appreciate your patience and want to assure you we are doing everything possible for a timely approval and settlement of your lot.

Once Council approves the subdivision certificate, an application will be submitted to NSW Land Registry Services for registration of the land. You will receive a further update once this happens.

Anticipated timeframe for receiving approvals from the relevant authorities and reaching settlement is detailed below:

Aspen Release, Stage 3C1B

tick_icon.png Date: 20 January 2023 
Action: Submission of subdivision certificate to Shellharbour City Council
tick_icon.png Anticipated date: Mid - late Feb 2023
Action: Shellharbour City Council approval of subdivision certificate
tick_icon.png Anticipated date: March 2023
Action: NSW Land Registry Services approval of registration of titles
tick_icon.png Anticipated date: Late March/ Early April 2023
Action: Settlement of your land to occur no later then the completion due date under the contract which is 21 days after the date of notification of registration (refer to your contract of sale).


money_icon.png Prepare your finance
To make the process as seamless as possible and ensure you can proceed to settlement within your contract period after registration, please make sure your financial arrangements have been finalised. Loan pre-approval is generally valid for 90 days.

Book your land valuation
If your mortgage lender has not yet gone on site to value your land, please ask your financial provider to schedule an appointment by calling 1300 733 245 or email As your block of land is still within a construction site, all valuations must occur via appointment to ensure your valuer’s safety.

Valuations will commence from the 8th of February and will run every Wednesday 1pm and Fridays 10am. Appointments must be made 48hrs in advance.