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Past Events

Calderwood Valley neighbours from The Oaks Stage 2A and 2B meet for the first time


We recently had the pleasure of welcoming some of our newest residents to Calderwood Valley for our Meet Your Neighbour event. This was an event for those who purchased land in stage 2A and 2B.
The sun was shining on us as the new owners came together for a day of music, food and new friends.

The event was a chance for our new Calderwood residents to spend time in their new neighbourhood, experience the beauty of the area, and of course, meet their new neighbours.

To help everyone break the ice and get to know each other, we played Neighbour Bingo. Some lucky guests even managed to score themselves a prize!

We also had interactive activities to allow our new residents to have an input in the design of future parks in Calderwood Valley.

Local caterers Reay’s Place provided delicious food for the occasion, keeping the kids fuelled for their games of football and rugby.

Speakers from Opticomm were on hand to discuss broadband, and the local council chatted about recycling and waste management.

To all the new residents, friends and families who attended- we hope you had a great day and enjoyed meeting your new neighbours.

Welcome to the neighbourhood!