Living Here

Development Updates


Information provided below is correct as at 13th June 2019.

Primrose (Stage 2)

Construction for Primrose Stage 2C (lots 3401-3552) commenced in late December 2018. Currently drainage basins and roads are being formed up including underground works.

We anticipate settlements in early 2020. Further updates will be provided as construction continues.

We encourage you to take the opportunity during this settlement period to save and budget for your future ahead, as well as doing research on what you’d like your dream home to be.

Stage 3BS

Stage 3BS is due to commence construction in the middle of this year. We are currently awaiting final approvals from authorities to allow for construction to commence. You’ll be seeing site fences, establishment of worker facilities, sediment control and early works beginning during the next few months.

Infrastructure and landscape

Over the next few months you will see the median strip along Escarpment Drive bloom with new trees, shrubs and flowers. We have selected plants which are reflective of the natural flora of the Illawarra and will provide colour in all four seasons.

Additionally, works on the entrance for Stage 2 adjacent to Escarpment Drive have commenced and are expected to be complete over the coming months.

Infrastructure and landscape - continued

Planning for the future Village Centre continues. The Expressions of Interest (EOI) campaign closed for the sites and submissions are currently being reviewed by the project team. This is to ensure that the overall vision of our local neighbourhood centre remains in place.

The Village Centre is proposed to include retail shops, commercial and residential spaces, a café and a childcare facility.

Parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds

We are very pleased to see our largest park yet, District Park come to life at the opening in December 2018. You can also expect additional swings and slides expected to be installed in May.

Our next park that is expected will be located in Stage 2B. Construction has already commenced, and it is due for completion in mid-2019.

Community and facilities

Visit the Calderwood Valley Sprout Hub to enjoy coffee from our café Bean Roasted Espresso Bars or to use our community space for your local community group to meet.

Visit our Calderwood Valley Sprout Hub Facebook page to find out what activities you can join in on, such as the AFL Auskick (starting on 16 March 2019), the weekly Wednesday craft group or sign up for art classes.

Aboriginal Ranger Program

We are pleased to announce that the Muru Mittigar are working on the bush regeneration of the Macquarie Rivulet. The goal of their works is to restore the bush area along the rivulet to inhabit native Australian trees and vegetation, which includes the removal of non-native trees. Their day-to-day activity will also include the removal of weeds and on-going maintenance of the area.