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Living Here

Development Updates

Spring Development Update

Exciting things are happening here in our thriving community as Calderwood Valley continues to grow into a connected and vibrant neighbourhood. Take a look at what’s been happening recently here.

Stage 3C1 (Aspen) Construction Update Image

Stage 3C1 (Aspen) Construction Update

Construction activity on Stage 3C1 (Aspen release) is now in full swing. Fly over Calderwood Valley and watch Stage 3C1 come to life here

Parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds Image

Parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds

Construction is progressing well on the new District Park off Farmgate Crescent. Shade structures and play equipment installation has commenced. The District park is on track for completion towards the end of this year, and young ones will be able to climb, swing and slide to their hearts content!

Community and facilities Image

Community and facilities

Located next to the Calderwood Valley sales office, the Calderwood Valley Sprout Hub is a space for people to meet, play, learn and connect right from the beginning of the new community in Calderwood Valley. The Sprout Hub features a cafe run by Bean Roasted, alongside a flexible event, meeting and community space. Ten cents in every dollar customers spend at Bean Roasted goes towards the Seedling Fund for local community initiatives. Visit our Calderwood Valley Sprout Hub Facebook page to find out what activities you can join in on.