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Lendlease is committed to releasing land in a fair and equitable way, so we’ve partnered with Release.Me to provide an online land release process that does just that.

To help you make the best purchase decision, please review the land release documentation below. It's important you read through the process and associated Terms and Conditions so you have a thorough understanding of how the release process will work.

Register now to take part in our next release or visit us at our Sales and Information Centre (open 7 days a week).



Step one: Review documentation
To ensure you can make your best purchase decision when it’s time to take part in the release, please review the relevant land release documents on this page. Make yourself familiar with these documents, have your preferred lots ready, conveyancer details on hand and prepare your 5% deposit, so you’re ready to purchase.

Please ensure you complete and submit the ‘Expression of Interest’ Acknowledgment Form to Lendlease will exclusively hold your allocated and accepted lot until such time that the sales contract is signed as per Terms and Conditions of the Release.

Step two: Submit your preferences
All customers eligible to participate in this release will receive an email between 9am – 9.30am AEST on release day^. This email will include your unique link to access the land release on the Release.Me online platform.

You will have until 11am AEST on release day to submit up to 10 lot preferences in the Release.Me platform. Only one submission is allowed per person. Lot preferences can only be submitted for lots you are willing to commit to purchase. The person registering must be the same person (or people) who, if successful, will sign the contract of sale. All details supplied must be verifiable with a valid form of photo ID, which will be used for the contract of sale. 

Step three: Lots are allocated
Once the release period is closed, Release.Me will allocate lots using an algorithm that assigns lots at random - which means all buyers have the same chance of being allocated a preferred lot. From 11am AEST you will receive an email advising on the outcome of your application.

We recommend you have the following details at hand should you be successful:

  • Purchaser/s details: name (must match a valid form of ID), email address, mobile, address
  • Company or trust name, address and ABN (if applicable)
  • Drivers licence or passport details
  • Legal practitioner/conveyancer details (if known): name, email address, phone number, address
  • Residency status (if not an Australian citizen or permanent resident)

Step four: Secure your allocation & pay your deposit
If you are successful in securing a lot allocation, you will receive a text message and email notification from Release.Me, and will need to accept your lot allocation by 1pm AEST by completing the following steps online via Release.Me: 

  1. Accept your lot allocation;
  2. Complete your purchaser/s details: including name (must much a valid form of ID), email address, mobile and address;  
  3. Book in for a phone call with the sales team to finalise your lot allocation; and
  4. Pay your $2,000 lot allocation payment via electronic bank transfer** - please use your lot number and surname as reference 
Once you have submitted your acceptance, a Sales Team Member from Calderwood Valley will be in touch at your chosen time to congratulate you, finalise your lot allocation and discuss next steps. 

Step five: Still in with a chance?

If any lot allocations are not accepted by 1pm, Release.Me will again run the algorithm, allocating any such remaining lots to those who were unsuccessful in securing the relevant lots in the first round. Those customers who are allocated a lot in this second round allocation will then have until 3pm to accept their lot allocation, complete purchaser details, pay the lot allocation payment and book in for a phone call with the sales team to finalise their lot allocation.

Step six: Sign the contract

In the week following the release you will be issued the contract of sale for your allocated lot via the DocuSign online platform and you will then have 48 hours to sign your contract. In the meantime a copy of the master contract of sale is available upon request from the Sales and Information Centre.

In addition to this general overview of the process, you should familiarise yourself with the full Terms and Conditions so you have a thorough understanding of how the process will work, including the timeframes and other terms and conditions that will apply. 


*The total deposit payable under the contract of sale is 5% of purchase price. Once the contract is signed and dated, the $2,000 lot allocation payment will be applied as a part payment of the deposit, and the contract will be subject to a 10-business day cooling off period. If the customer rescinds the contract on or before the expiry of the cooling off period, 0.25% of the purchase price will be forfeited. If the customer does not rescind the contract, then the balance of the 5% deposit must be paid on or before the expiry of the cooling off period. **Deposit payment can be made via electronic bank transfer. We recommend you check your daily transaction limits with your bank and increase daily spending limit if required. Proof of payment via EFT must be shown via authorised banking institute. 


Lendlease recommends that customers should seek legal advice before entering into any contract of sale. Before making a final decision to buy, Lendlease also suggests that customers speak with a home loan advisor who can provide guidance on their borrowing capacity and the type of loan that best suits their needs. Price and availability are subject to change without further notice. The Calderwood Valley community development is subject to planning approvals and may not be identical to the images shown or the development described, and Lendlease reserves the right to make changes without notice.  ^Lendlease reserves the right to remove customers from the registration list or the land release process at its discretion, at any time without notice.