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Your guide to masterplanned communities

There’s a lot to love about buying and building in a masterplanned community, including a few benefits you might not expect. Here’s your guide to masterplanned communities.

Buying and Building

What’s that old saying? The one about failing to plan is basically planning to fail? We reckon there’s a fair bit of truth in that, particularly if you’re talking about creating communities that are a genuine pleasure to live in.  

At Lendlease, it’s exactly why we don’t just facilitate beautiful houses being built – we develop masterplanned communities for those houses to call home. But what is a masterplanned community? And what’s in it for you if you buy and build in one? Consider this your go-to guide. 

What is a masterplanned community, anyway?

The short story is that masterplanned communities are thoughtfully, carefully and comprehensively designed residential neighbourhoods that, once completed, are essentially self-contained. They feature essential amenities, like shops, schools, recreational clubs and access to transport hubs, as well as intentionally planned green spaces that encourage health and wellbeing. This is in addition (obviously!) to the all-important houses, which are usually required to meet community design guidelines that aim to protect every community member’s investment by making sure they meet a certain standard of quality. 

“Masterplanned communities encompass everything a new community needs to be resilient and healthy, as well as providing for and encouraging a prosperous, local economy,” says Paul Melrose, National Product & Place Manager, Lendlease Communities. “Masterplanned communities also provide opportunities for the people who live there to build a new life or to expand and grow their existing lifestyle.” 

What are masterplanned communities like to live in? 

Thanks to how carefully and considerately these communities are designed, a whole lot of words fit the bill when it comes to answering this question, everything from ‘convenient and comfortable’ to ‘healthy’ and even ‘inspirational’.  

They’re also really cohesive. “It’s a chance to live amongst like-minded people,” says Paul. “Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or a new chapter, or you’re buying your first, second or third home, people who buy and build in a masterplanned community tend to have a common goal – they’re all keen on the prosperity that a new community can deliver.” 

A well-designed masterplanned community will also deliver plenty of opportunity to connect with neighbours. “At Lendlease, we’ve always recognised that open spaces, like lakes and parklands, and easy, enjoyable access to those spaces, whether that’s via cycleways or walking tracks, is important for health and wellbeing, and therefore a healthy community.  

“As a result, our communities are designed to provide a balance between private residential outdoor spaces and public open spaces where you can connect with your community just by getting out there and meeting people.” They create a real sense of community and belonging that is genuine and highly desired. 

Are masterplanned communities good investments? 

Unlike building or buying in an existing community, all of the infrastructure in a fresh masterplanned community is brand new. “At Lendlease, our focus is also firmly on the quality of that infrastructure,” says Paul, “and we’re leaders in creating smart communities, featuring things like fibre installation right at the start, to facilitate, for example, the best possible set-up for working or learning from home through streaming services.”  

Also, depending which pathway you take towards your new house in a masterplanned community, you also have the chance to develop the design and add value to the finish of your own home. “A lot of people understandably get excited about this part of the process,” says Paul, “and as a result, they have a really strong sense of ownership around their home, on top of a strong sense of belonging to the community.” 

It’s also important to remember that masterplanned communities are completed in stages – so when you jump in early, you can rest easy knowing that the community will only become more and more liveable as time goes on.  

What gives Lendlease masterplanned communities the edge? 

For starters, at Lendlease, we’ve been doing this for more than 60 years, so you could say we’ve got a fair bit of know-how stashed in our back pocket.  

“Another key point of difference at Lendlease is that we have a global footprint,” says Paul, “as well as global best practice in terms of design, placemaking, masterplanning and infrastructure. Things like being able to deliver fibre to the home is a good example of us using our global exposure and best-practice research, as well as our teams, our people and our procurement and purchasing power, to deliver the best masterplanned communities for our residents.” 

Then there’s the fact that Lendlease communities strive for 6-Star Green-Star certification by the Green Building Council of Australia. “Our masterplanned communities are designed to be some of the most sustainable new communities in the country,” says Paul, “ones that support sustainable, healthy and resilient new homes.” 

What’s the best way to experience a masterplanned community before you buy? 

Nothing beats visiting one. “At Lendlease we partner with the best home builders in Australia and we showcase their homes and our community together in builders’ display villages,” says Paul.  

“So if you think this is an option for you or even if you’re just curious, visit a village to experience the quality, the scale and the diversity of the open spaces we provide but also to touch and feel the homes that are on display. That way, you can truly understand what the value proposition of buying in a new masterplanned community is.”  

We also host many events throughout the year across our Lendlease communities so come along to an event and see first-hand for yourself why so many residents love living in our communities.  

With welcoming, in-demand masterplanned communities all over Australia that are designed to be places to live well, there’s never been a better time to explore the possibilities.