7 Simple ways to reduce stress on moving day

Read the 7 simple steps to reduce stress levels on moving day. A handy guide for anyone looking to move into their new home. Lendlease Communities.

Live Well

Follow our 7 simple steps to take the madness out of moving day.

Moving house is something most of us dread. But like training for marathon, you do your preparation, stick to a plan and you’ll get to the end and feel a sense of achievement – and relief that it’s over!

Plan your packing

Get started on your packing early so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Block out time in your schedule and accept help from friends and family when they offer. Having company and putting on music or a podcast can make the whole process seem less like a chore.

Label every box clearly on the top, and all four sides. A quick summary of the contents and the room where the box will be unpacked will make things easier at the other end.

Pro tip: Stock up on boxes, tape, scissors, marker pens and packing material for fragile objects. It’s a waste of valuable time to buy more supplies when you’re so busy. 

Declutter as you pack

Clearing clutter as you pack will save you from wasting time and space moving unwanted items to your new home. Resist nostalgia as you go through cupboards and drawers and be decisive about what to keep and discard. 

Pro tip: Eat your way to an easier move. Start clearing out your pantry early and use as much food as you can from your fridge and freezer in the lead up to moving day. 

Book removalists and a cleaner

Get referrals for a good removalist and cleaner and book them in early. These are jobs you can do yourself, but getting professional help gives you time to get your belongings organised and settle into your new home more quickly.

Pro tip: No matter how organised you are, clearing everything out of your old home will take longer than you expect so book your cleaner at least a day after you’re scheduled to move. 

Organise mail, utilities and insurance

To keep the rest of your life running smoothly while you’re up to your ears in boxes, get on top of your admin tasks. Start making a list of who will need your new address – banks, medical providers, schools etc. – and set aside time to contact them.  

Redirecting mail with Australia Post, connecting and disconnecting utilities and updating your home and contents insurance can be done weeks or even months before moving day. Be careful not to leave it to the last minute as it can take a few business days to action your request.

Pro tip: Check with your removal company and your own insurance provider to ensure you’re properly covered for items damaged or lost during your move. 

Plan for kids and pets

To keep things simple and less stressful on the day, make sure kids and pets are safely out of the way while you’re carrying heavy boxes around. Ask friends or family to look after them until you’re ready to welcome them to your new home.

Pro tip: Make new ID tags for dogs and cats with your new address and remember to update their microchip details too. 

Keep the essentials handy

Pack a few bags with all your essentials and keep it with you in your car. Remember to include food and drinks, toiletries, bath towels and bed sheets, a change of clothes, chargers for your electronic devices, paperwork for your old and new homes, cleaning supplies, pet bowls and beds, special toys and books for your kids, a small tool kit and first-aid kit.

Pro tip: If you don’t already have one, buy an in-car charger for your mobile phone. You’ll need it charged and ready to go on such a busy day. 

Smart unpacking

If you’ve been thorough about labelling your boxes, it’ll be easy to stack each one in the room where it belongs rather than dumping them all in the living room or garage. No one expects to have everything unpacked on the very first day, but you can work through the house room by room and have it all in the right place in no time.

Tip: Schedule time in your diary for unpacking so you can enjoy the convenience of having all your favourite and essential belongings to hand in your new home.