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Meet an independent national broadband provider that will change your life

Buying and Building

Visit any Lendlease Community and it’s obvious their residents live well. Nature and beauty surrounds, neighbourly spirit abounds, enriching amenities and infrastructure support your future, and green open spaces inspire a quintessential Aussie lifestyle. But what makes Lendlease’s 15 communities especially enticing places to live can’t be seen by the naked eye. It’s Opticomm, the No.1 independent provider of fibre networks in new housing developments throughout Australia, widely known for providing super-fast fibre infrastructure. Opticomm’s fibre optic network powers Lendlease’s Communities with connectivity and near-infinite capacity of bandwidth. Running a small business? Conceiving a start up? Or simply wanting to live in a world with, fast and reliable internet powered by the Opticomm fibre network1? Lendlease Communities will help you get there. Read on for a few more ways Opticomm will help supercharge your life.  

It's fast. Like, really fast. 
Imagine life without buffering. Just instant, easy connection and effortless uploads and downloads. The Opticomm fibre network is built to support multi-gigabit speeds today and because fibre can easily scale, this will only get faster in the future which means that as demand for high speed and high bandwidth connectivity grows, the network will keep pace. The most important step is choosing a phone and internet provider and selecting the right plan to suit your needs. 

It doesn’t slow down
Superfast connection? Sure! Opticomm offers Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), which means the fibres are connected all the way into your home, supporting much faster speeds than other technologies. With increased capacity fibre, unlike wireless, is subject to less interference from environmental factors, helping you to do more online, faster. Whether you’re a business owner, remote worker, student, gamer, or leisure-scroller, however you use the internet, it’s your time to shine!

It spoils you for choice
Opticomm is a national broadband network provider with over 15 years’ experience building, owning and maintaining high-speed and reliable fibre infrastructure. Not only will you have access to  superfast fibre from the get-go, because Opticomm is a wholesale provider, they don’t sell internet plans to the public, which means you also have the freedom to choose from an extensive list of phone and internet providers, offering a range of plans to suit your lifestyle and budget2. Just another of the ways Lendlease Communities supports you to thrive, one lightning-fast gigabyte at a time. 

It's connected to everything
Sure, Opticomm-powered internet is a speedy dream to behold. But it powers so much more than just efficient web searches. Did you know that you can watch your favourite shows and sport across Free-to-Air and Pay-TV without the need for an antenna or satellite dish. And in many Lendlease Communities Opticomm fibre also connects a broad spectrum of smart devices including community Wi-Fi, environmental, utility, security and traffic monitoring, for a safer, happier community, all round. Work from anywhere and thrive everywhere? Now that’s living well!

1. Actual speeds and performance will depend on factors including your service provider, the equipment at your home, chosen plan and design decisions.
2. Some service providers may not operate in your state or territory. We recommend you contact your preferred service provider to identify whether they may service your area.