How to make a cosy corner in your home

As the weather cools up, something needs to be done to create a cosy, comfy place for you to snuggle up and enjoy. The good news? It’s easy. Here’s how.

Home Design

The best thing about winter is being snug as a bug indoors. Here’s our guide to creating the ultimate cosy and comfy corner for you and your family to enjoy.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you need to crank the heat all over the house. Find your favourite nook and create your very own cosy corner. In just a few simple steps, it’ll be your favourite spot in the house. 


Rug up

First things first: make sure your feet don’t get frostbite by putting on some woolly socks and covering those cold floors with a rug. If you’ve got tiles or wooden floors, high pile rugs, such as shags, will help boost the cosy factor, while those with carpeted interiors can use a flatweave or other short pile rug to add additional warmth.

Take a seat

When creating your cosy corner, a comfy armchair is essential. Add a footrest, some plush cushions and your favourite snuggly throw to help keep you warm. Another tip: place a side table nearby so you have a place to put your favourite cold weather cuppa.

Let there be light

Repel those winter chills by adding a light source to your new nook. Whether it’s a floor lamp, table lamp or one of each, ensure the bulb is warm white, yellow or orange (that’s anything with a light temperature between 2700 and 3000 Kelvins). Or, up the ambience by adding a candle ¬– a flickering flame will enhance your feeling of warmth and wellbeing.

Add finishing touches

And the last step? It’s all about you! Personalise your space by surrounding yourself with objects and mementos you love – such as family photographs, precious keepsakes or much-loved artworks. For a final flourish, place an air-purifying houseplant in the corner so you can breathe easy even when the windows are closed.