Great housewarming gift ideas

Help your friends turn their house into a functional home with these great gift ideas.

Live Well
One of these you can create yourself in under 15 minutes!

Moving into a new house is a very exciting time! Creating the vibes of each room, figuring out how to best utilise each cupboard and discovering the everyday item you forgot to add to the shopping haul are all part of the big move. So when your bestie is finally ready for a housewarming, don’t clutter their space with odd bits and bobs. Help them turn their house into a functional home with these gifts they will be thanking you every time they use it.

Cheese Board

Whether it’s a dinner party, a casual hangout or an impromptu knock on the door, a new home means a new space for having guests over and there’s only one item that will be the hero of every occasion. Give your friend the gift of cheese with a cheese board perfect for serving up all the charcuterie goodies any event will ever need. Opt for an engraved cheese board for a personal touch, so they’ll always be reminded of their favourite person every time they reach for a nibble. 

cheese board


Bath Accessory Set

Ensure their bathroom doesn’t look like the shelf of a supermarket by giving your buddy a set of chic bath accessories. Typically coming in sets of four with a toothbrush holder, tumbler, soap dish and soap dispenser, it’s an easy way to level-up a powder room and give your friend’s space a cohesive feel. Look for marbles or ceramics to match any kind of aesthetic, just make sure they are water resistant!

Coffee Grinder

Moving houses is very tiring business so don’t make your friend hunt around their new neighbourhood to find the nearest café just yet. Help them get their caffeine fix with a coffee grinder that is just as handy for a busy schedule as it is for a moment of peace around the coffee table. You can even start them off with a particularly exotic bag of coffee beans that will provide bliss in each and every sip.

DIY Sweet Smelling Sachet

Every drawer, storage container and closet of a new home is deserving of a fresh, crisp scent. Help your loved one feel like they’re wandering through a garden when they’re sifting through their sock drawer, by putting together a DIY sweet smelling sachet! The best part is you can make it at home in under 15-minutes. You could even personalise the scent to your loved one. Dried lavender is perfect for the nature lover, a woody essential oil is great for a rustic home and a citrus scent provides a lovely fresh burst fit for their new space. To create the sachet, you will also need rice, a fabric of your choice, scissors and a needle and thread. To make the filling, combine the essential oil or dried flower of your choice with rice in a 2:3 ratio. Cut two 9cm squares of fabric and sew together three of the four sides of the fabric squares with a simple running stitch about a centimetre from the edge of the fabric. Stuff the pouch with the filling and finally close it with a blind stitch. Stacking a few pouches and tying them together with a ribbon creates a sweet gift your friend will love!