6 signs you're ready to downsize

Dreaming of downsizing to a more manageable home? Yearning for a simpler life? Here’s how to know you’re ready to make a move.

Buying and Building

Could you be ready to downsize?

Most people reach a point where their lifestyle needs and wants change. This can mean moving to a new home, a new location or both. If you’re considering downsizing, there are some important factors to take into consideration before packing up and relocating.

Downsizing simply means moving into a smaller more manageable property.

Knowing when you’re ready to downsize isn’t always clear but there are a few tell tale signs that indicate you might need a change, says accredited organisational expert Rebecca Mezzino from Clear Space, who has over 10 years of experiencing helping people organise and downsize their homes. If any of the following sound familiar, you might be ready for a more manageable property.


Downsizing to a smaller home

1. Your health stops you from maintaining your home

If you can no longer manage the stairs or the block is too steep or your home feels exhausting to maintain, it could be a sign it’s time to move on.

2. You feel lonely ‘rattling around’ in your house

If you’re not entering some of the rooms in your home for months, it could be too overwhelming for your lifestyle.

3.Your life feels like too much hard work

Think about simplifying your home, if looking after it is too hard or you have to drive too far to see the people you want to see.

4.You feel cluttered

Even though you’ve got lots of space, maybe you have too much stuff! If you feel cluttered and spend your time moving things around and organising, it could be time to purge.

5.You want to travel

A small home or apartment is easier to lock and leave if you want to spend time travelling.

6.Your household bills don’t reflect your lifestyle

If your electricity, council rates and other utilities are beyond what they should be for your lifestyle, downsizing could help.

The pros of downsizing

It can be emotional to say goodbye to a house full of memories, especially if it’s been the only family home you’ve ever known. Speaking to a counsellor who specialises in coping with change can help. It also helps to focus on the positive aspects of making a fresh start. So what are the benefits? Here are just some to consider:

  • Buying a smaller home can mean spending less on bills, leaving you with more to spend on hobbies and the things you enjoy. You’ll spend less hours spent on home maintenance, which could free up time for playing more sport, building memories with the grandkids or relaxing.
  • Downsizing may offer you the opportunity to be closer to your support networks. This can be a great comfort, especially in times of ill health.  Moving can be a daunting process, both physically and emotionally, but de-cluttering can also lighten your mental load and boost wellbeing. If it becomes too much, ask for help from family and friends or use professional packing services.

What you need to consider

Moving into a new dwelling is a big step – even if you’re downsizing. Before choosing your new home, there are some key questions you can ask to help ensure you make the best decision:

  • Think about what type of abode will suit you – a smaller house, townhouse or apartment? Apartment living can be a big adjustment if you’re used to pottering around in your garden. Plus, it will mean being part of a strata, which can have its pros and cons.
  • Even though you’re downsizing, you want to make sure your home is big enough for visitors. Will you need a spare room for guests, children or grandchildren to stay?
  • Do you want to live an in over 55s retirement village? There are many perks to living in one of these villages, such as access to a pool/spa or fitness centre, organised activities and social clubs.
  • Think about the sort of lifestyle you’re hoping to lead. Do you want to leave the city or move closer?  Will you want to be near the ocean? Or near a golf course? Is it important that you’re walking distance to the shops can close to the hospital?
  • When you decide to downsize, you may struggle to fit all of your belongings into your new home. If you’re not willing to part with them, putting them in storage for a while can be a good idea. Just be sure to budget for the cost for the space and think about how often you’ll need to access it.

Ultimately, deciding to downsize can be the start of a new beginning – ensuring you’re ready for the move will make it all the more sweet!