Delicious winter recipes to warm your home

When it comes to delicious winter food it’s all about sweet treats, fresh produce, slow simmering stews and home cooking. Here’s how to dig in this winter.

Live Well

The best food isn’t about 5-star dining or perfect plating. In fact, the more rustic, the more ‘like home’ it’ll feel. We’re talking about meandering around the farmers market, picking fresh herbs from the garden, cooking with the kids and sharing meals with friends and family.

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in comfort food and hearty meals. Try these delicious recipes, designed to warm the heart and soul.

Make some bread

Nothing evokes the feeling of home more than the aroma of freshly baked bread. These bread rolls from Donna Hay. They require no kneading and are perfect for sandwiches or served up warm with a delicious bowl of steaming soup (like the one below!).

Simmer a pumpkin soup

There’s something about pumpkin soup that feels like winter. This recipe is hard to beat, but also allows room for experimentation, in case you feel like adding coconut milk or ginger to this golden classic.

Share a sandwich platter

Open sandwiches are a perfect lunch to share with friends and family. Lay the ingredients out and let everyone choose their own. You can choose any toppings you like – such as boiled eggs, smoked ham with mustard, tuna with mayonnaise, hummus and sundried tomatoes. Or how about these classic open steak sandwiches. Serve it on a chunky rustic wooden board to enhance the ‘homemade’factor.


Gather round for a roast

Sunday roasts always have that cosy feel: family coming together to share a hearty home-cooked meal. Make a tradition of it – sitting together, eating together and looking forward to the week ahead. Pick yourself some fresh herbs and bake your favourite meat. Here's a garlic and thyme roasted chicken recipe that's sure to please.  

Make some mash

Who doesn’t love potatoes? No matter which way you cook them they’re the ultimate comfort food. Mashed potatoes always go down well with the kiddies (and adults alike!). Try using sweet potato for a healthier twist on this favourite comfort food. 

Slow cook a meal

If you want to fill the house with delicious smells and wow the family with a taste sensation, try some cooking something slowly. A slow cooker or cooking with one pot is perfect for making fuss-free hearty stews and casseroles. Check out this wholesome one-pot lamb shank recipe.

Bake a pudding

Warm puddings have long been a family favourite, being especially nice on chilly days. Try this delicious baked rice pudding with rhubarb from the founder of BakeClub, Anneka Manning.

Brew a hot drink

Does anything feel more delightful than indulging in a delicious hot cocoa? Winter is the perfect time to indulge in decadent hot chocolates. Make them yourself using good quality chocolate and add some marshmallows for a special treat that’s sure to get the kids smiling from ear to ear.

Prepare a pastry 

Pastries go perfectly with hot drinks. Think lazy Sunday mornings, sipping coffee and picking apart a delicious pastry – talk about cosy. Of course, you can buy a pastry from your local bakery but there’s something about taking time to make one from scratch that’s particularly satisfying. This danish is a variety called the wienerbröd – it can be broken apart to share. Roll up your sleeves and get the kiddies involved, with this recipe from BakeClub's Anneka Manning.   

Bake a rustic apple pie

Make the most of apple season by baking up a sweet treat the whole family will enjoy. A slice of this Classic Apple Pie with a dollop of cream or ice-cream will warm you from the inside out.