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How to style a perfectly homely coffee table in five easy steps.

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How to style a perfectly homely coffee table in five easy steps.
A coffee table is quite the snazzy interior staple. Whether it’s holding your steaming hot tea until it cools to the perfect warmth, a TV remote at the ready to click ‘Continue Watching’ when Netflix underestimates your binge session or all the cheese you could find for a tipple with the girls, it’s an often underrated addition to a living room. Plus, with the right décor, a coffee table can be the focal point of your living room and a versatile furniture piece to style with the seasons!

You can’t style a coffee table without a coffee table, so the first step is choosing the perfect one. If you have a smaller home and are concerned another furniture piece may cramp the space, consider a glass-topped table. The glass doesn’t take up as much visual space and is a beautifully modern canvas to build décor upon.  

Speaking of décor, like vegemite to butter ratio, the perfect coffee table needs to have balance. It’s for this reason you should begin with the rule of three. There’s a simple interior equation that can help even the most indecisive of decorators: florals + an ornate dish + some gorgeous hardcover books = a chic coffee table. Stack 2-3 tonal books, bundle some seasonal blooms or native foliage into a vase and pick a dish that suits your aesthetic. 

Alternatively, the dish could be an opportunity to include something sentimental to your table. A beautiful heirloom is always a good conversation starter for when you have guests over for a cuppa and is also a wonderful way to add character to the space. Whether it’s a collection of shells from a bygone beach holiday or an heirloom gifted to you by your grandmother, each time you place your cuppa down to cool it’ll be there to warm your heart. You can even rotate the pieces out seasonally to keep your look fresh, up to date and always reflecting you.

While styling a coffee table can be a fun way to express your style, just remember it still has a job to do! Keep it functional by leaving space to put down everything from a wine glass to a cheese platter, and don’t have anything too tall as it could obstruct the lovely faces of the people sitting across from you. After all, it’s called a coffee table for a reason. Happy styling!