The internet connection that will change your life

The residents of Lendlease communities benefit from a Fibre to the Premises network; optic fibres connected to every home, ensuring internet with such capability, it’s positively life changing.

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The residents of Lendlease communities benefit from a Fibre to the Premises network; optic fibres connected to every home, ensuring internet with such capability, it’s positively life changing.

You may not have heard of it before, but it’s set to change the way we view our internet, TV and phone service. It’s the quiet achiever of the telco world and as reliable as they come. Meet OptiComm – a Fibre to the Premises network that delivers the kind of digital connectivity others aspire to.

As thousands of Aussies deal with the frustration of internet connection speeds that limp rather than sprint, the residents of Lendlease’s communities benefit from a Fibre to the Premises network; optic fibres connected to every home, ensuring internet with such capability, it’s positively life changing. But it’s not just about internet either; it’s about the best possible digital connectivity encompassing Fibre to the Premises, Public Wi-Fi and mobile; working together with the precision and grace of an Olympic synchronized swimming team. Don’t just take our word for it – read on for eight impressive reasons why you need this life changing connectivity.

1. It’s reliable (and then some) 

A Jordan Springs’ resident knows firsthand what it means to have the best internet connection possible. “There was one day I was at home and my family were over; my kids, their partners and my grandchildren. They were planning a trip, and at one point there were seven of them, all on their individual devices, using my Wi-Fi network simultaneously,” she says. “My grandson’s mate was amazed, because where he lives, you can only have one device connected at a time.” Yes, the Fibre to the Premises network means that in home Wi-Fi traffic jams can be relegated to the dusty past, where they belong. Gold medals all around. 

2. It’s fast. Like, really fast. 

There is almost nothing more frustrating than seeing the frozen-screen-buffering ‘whirligig of doom’ just as you’re about to reach the nail-biting climax of a movie. Sure, being able to download and upload data with speed and ease is a luxury of the modern world. But with OptiComm, it’s not so much a luxury as a service that’s to be expected (perhaps even taken for granted). The Fibre to the Premises network supports high speed data transfer and with some Retail Service Providers offering 250 megabit per second downloads and 100 megabit per second uploads, the performance is undeniably impressive. Of course, most networks are designed so that we can download information, but it’s for the cloud computing, uploading consumers that OptiComm truly comes into its own. High bandwidth users? It’s time to celebrate.  

3. It’s multi-faceted and super-talented

In communities where Fibre to the Premises is installed, not only is Wi-Fi coverage in parks and common areas a to-be-expected reality, it also supports ‘smart community’ aspirations. Rubbish bins that tell the council when they need emptying. CCTV cameras with a feed directly to local authorities. Sensors that can detect the weather conditions that trigger thunderstorm asthma. All innovations that are a possibility when you have Fibre to the Premises. Sure, you expect reliable internet from your service provider. But as an ‘integrated solution’ OptiComm is all singing, all dancing, delivering phone, data and TV simultaneously. Where other networks offer only telecommunications (leaving them severely limited in what they can offer – and voices that are distinctly off-key), OptiComm’s Fibre to the Premises network works as a ‘backbone’ which presents the perfect conduit between equipment and services. The operative words? To the Premises. Not to the node, or to a basement, or to some fuzzy connection under the ground. To the Premises. 

4. It delivers your favourite channels (Yes, even Bollywood)

Good news. You no longer need a satellite dish on your house to get your favourite Foxtel or overseas channels. In OptiComm communities, it’s possible to add your favourite channels to the normal free-to-air channel line-up. With the TV antenna and Satellite dishes located at their exchange, OptiComm can facilitate the streaming of additional channels without the need for in home set top boxes or additional paraphernalia. 

5. It’s a boon for small businesses

If you run your own business – from an office or at home, not having a robust internet or phone connection is akin to a living nightmare. Stories of entrepreneurs forced to use their smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots in the absence of reliable fixed line telco has become a recurring theme. But if you live in a Lendlease Community, it’s a worry that won’t even graze your radar. “Living in a master planned community in an outer urban area, it’s essential that I’m able to work from home when the need arises,” says a Lendlease resident. “And on the occasions I do work from home, I get faster speeds than the office.” Winning.

6. It brings family together

We live in a wonderful age where it doesn’t matter how far away our loved ones live, we can still chat to them face-to-face. Whether Facetime, Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp is your vibe, all you need is a smartphone, laptop or PC – and an internet connection that doesn’t stall, leaving said loved-one frozen on the screen (always with a less-than-flattering facial expression, multiple chins and all). Priceless. 

7. It facilitates learning

Gone are the days of sifting through Encyclopaedic tomes to glean information for homework. These days, it’s all iPads and PCs; info is downloaded, homework is uploaded. Whether you have children who need to access schoolwork online, or you’re studying at uni and have to upload assignments, download research, or watch real time tutorials on screen, OptiComm’s reliable connectivity gets an A+ every time.  

8. It’s Future Proof

Technology is always changing and innovations are constantly emerging. Having an infrastructure that supports innovation is essential to these fast-moving tech-savvy times. Fibre to the Premises networks are globally recognised as the ultimate telecommunications delivery infrastructure, the proof is in the digital pudding. A variety of digital ‘living labs’ in Lendlease Communities across the country allow different vendors to trial their digital solutions. It’s like the perfect bridge between development and the internet. 

Want to watch your favourite programs in high-definition, 3D holographic TV? With Fibre to the Premises, nothing is impossible. Watch this space.  

To find out more explore OptiComm or contact our Customer Service Team.