Build Smart

As part of your building process, have you asked yourself how you can build a more sustainable home but didn’t know how or where to start. These 6 short videos will provide you with tips on:

  • designing your home for your local climate
  • be more energy-efficient and generate your own energy
  • save and harvest valuable water
  • use healthy and sustainable building materials, and
  • design a home with improved accessibility.

  • You can watch these videos one by one, or pick and choose the topics you want to learn more about.



    Video 1 is an introduction to 5 short videos that provide you with the ideas that people are using to build a more sustainable home that’s cheaper to run, holds its market value, and is more comfortable to live in.



    Video 2 has tips on how to design a climate responsive home for the relevant climate zones around Australia 


    Video 3 explains how good design and choosing efficient appliances can deliver a very energy-efficient home and how you can generate your own electricity



    Video 4 provides tips on how to save valuable water around the home and garden


    Videos 5 includes the latest information on sustainable building materials plus tips on recycling



    Video 6 talks about designing a home to adapt to people's changing needs as some easy design features will make a home more accessible now and into the future


    The information provided in these videos is of a general nature covering all regions in Australia. Specific variations in data and design considerations will need to be investigated to address local conditions and situations.