Treat your ears: Five podcasts to try this winter

Whether you’re a podcasting pro or newbie listener, treat your ears with this list of five top podcasts you must try this winter.

Do you live to listen? Then podcasting is the ideal method of entertainment. Wherever you are, whatever you do you can bring your favourite podcast along with you – simply download to your device and enjoy! Looking for a new podcast to try? Check out this list of our five favourites.

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Serial Productions & WBEZ Chicago, free

With over 2.2million listeners per episode, this cultural phenomemon is the most popular podcast of all time. Follow host Sarah Koenig and her team of investigative journalists as they delve into the gritty world of true crime, focusing exclusively on a different story each season.


The Hamish & Andy Show

Hamish & Andy, free

Don’t drive and missing your daily dose of these two Aussie larrikins? Listen Hamish, Andy and their hilarious shenanigans in all their glory by subscribing to their podcast! And get your aural fix while you can. The boys behind Caravan of Courage are saying goodbye to radio… for now.


Radio Lab

WNYC Studios, free

Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, this podcast is about satisfying curiosity. Using sound to illuminate ideas and blur boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience, each episode is different, ranging from deep and meaningful to laugh-out-loud hilarity.



ABC Radio, free

All about people, this intimate series hosted by Richard Fidler draws you deeper into the life story of someone who has seen and done amazing things. With episodes on Mia Freedman, Paul Keating, Richard Dawkins and more, you’ll delve deep into every aspect of their lives.


Mamamia Outloud

Mamamia Podcast Network, free

A weekly podcast from everyone’s favourite lifestyle news network, Mamamia Outloud covers everything pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood and feminism to fashion. Join Mia Freedman, Monique Bowley and Jessie Stephens as they delve into what you need to know.