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Buying and Building

What to expect when building a new home

What are the stages of building a new home? Whether you’re a first home buyer or have owned a property before, we’ve put together a guide for what to expect once your house and la...

Buying and Building

Constructing a community – one step at a time

Ever wondered what’s involved in creating a master planned community? From the inclusion of green open spaces to planning for retail services, public transport links and infrastru...

Buying and Building

Home ownership is still alive in 2020

The Australian dream of home ownership is very much alive, according to our latest research. Not only do young Australians still dream of owning their own home - many are actively ...

Buying and Building

7 reasons why 2020 is a great year for first home buyers

If you’re dreaming of buying your first home, the turn of this new decade might just be your moment. With new schemes to help with the deposit, plus attractive interest rates and s...

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