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Development Updates


Information provided below is correct as at 24th April 2018.

Development to Date

With the extended summer weather across March and April, we have enjoyed a long dry period at Harpley. This has allowed us to make good progress with construction of infrastructure and residential stages.

We are working hard to deliver Armstrong Road through Harpley, we have now "turned the corner" and have made good progress on works at the Armstrong Road & Ison Road intersection. Council is completing the section joining Armstrong Road to Black Forest Road and works are progressing well.

In terms of stage construction, works are complete in Larapinta Stage 31 and 32, we are now awaiting final authority approvals and sign-off. Shearwater Place Stages 51 and 54 are nearing completion with titles expected June-July. Townley Park 61, 62 and 63 are also well underway and we currently expect titles for Stage 61 around October-December and for Stages 62 and 63 around December-February.

View our Project Overview video to see construction progress at Harpley.

Larapinta Stages 31 & 32

Construction of Larapinta Stages 31 and 32 is complete and final authority compliances are currently being sought. Lodgement to the titles office will occur when we have final authority sign-off.

Stages 31 & 32 Current Forecast Title Date: June-July 2018.

Shearwater Place Stage 51

Road subgrade works are complete, kerb & channel works are complete with asphalt due in the next two weeks. All services have been installed and top soiling of lots to occur over the next three weeks. Culvert structure works (Little Bridge) complete with asphalt of culvert to be completed with the stage works.

Current Forecast Title Date: June – July 2018.

Shearwater Place Stage 54

Road subgrade works complete, kerb & channel works to commence within the next two weeks and asphalt to follow. Electrical service is currently being installed.

Current Forecast Title Date: June – July 2018.

Shearwater Place Stages 52 & 53

Sewer construction and bulk earthwork commenced. Drainage works to commence on receipt of final authority approval.

Current Forecast Title Date: October – December 2018.

Townley Park Stage 61

Sewer works complete. Drainage works have commenced.

Current Forecast Title Date: October – December 2018

Townley Park Stages 62 & 63

Bulk earthworks have progressed significantly. Sewer works to commence on completion of earthworks.

Current Forecast Title Date: December 2018 - February 2019.

Wetlands Update

Stage 4B Wetlands rectification - Topsoiling is underway with planting to commence within the fortnight.

Works on the Drainage Reserve located to the north of Stages 52 and 53 has commenced.

Armstrong Road Update

Construction works on Armstrong Road to Charlwood Promenade is nearing completion, authority approvals are currently underway. Armstrong Road will be opened upon Council completing their intersection works on Black Forest Road.

Armstrong Road & Ison Road intersection and section 2A works drainage works have commenced.

Charlwood Promenade Branch Sewer

Charlwood Promenade branch sewer has commenced, this sewer services Shearwater Place Stages 52 and 53.