Summer Offer Winners


Google Summer Campaign 


Congratulations to our customers who have won a Connected Home Package, which includes a Google Home, Chromecast and Philips Hue Starter Pack.



Week 1 – 15th January 2018

NSW: Scott Moulds (Calderwood Valley)

QLD: Sharon Grljack (Yarrabilba)

VIC: Grace Tseng (Harpley)

WA: Geoff Whyte (Alkimos Beach)



Week 2 – 22nd January 2018

NSW: Maria Mayonado (Jordan Springs)

QLD: Phillip Hayes (Springfield Rise)

VIC: Guriqbal Singh (Atherstone)

WA: Tina Dinardo (Alkimos Beach)



Week 3 – 29th January 2018

NSW: Cheryl Christian (Calderwood Valley)

QLD: Paul Simmons (Springfield Rise)

VIC: Elisa Giaciotto (Aurora)

WA: Paul Smith (Alkimos Beach)



Week 4 – 5th February 2018

NSW: Pam Apps (Calderwood Valley)

QLD: Timothy Burns (Yarrabilba)

VIC: Gurpreet Singh (Harpley)

WA: Matthew Holthouse (Alkimos Beach)



Week 5 – 12th February 2018

NSW: Andrew Hammonds (Calderwood Valley)

QLD: Sunaina Shrestha (Springfield Rise)

VIC: Haitian Li (Atherstone)

WA: Shane Coleman (Alkimos Beach)



Week 6 – 19th February 2018

NSW: Nirjala Kafle (Jordan Springs)

QLD: Lone Godwin (Springfield Rise)

VIC: Antony Perianna (Harpley)

WA: Sophie Spooner (Alkimos Beach) 


Week 7 – 26th February 2018

NSW: Faiz Ali Cheema (Calderwood Valley)

QLD: Anne Patel (Springfield Rise)

VIC: Kayreis Garley (Harpley)

WA: Helen Jeffrey (Alkimos Beach)


Week 8 – 5th March 2018

NSW: Maree Malu (Jordan Springs)

QLD: Frazer Paul Crump (Springfield Rise)

VIC: Anisha Joy (Aurora)

WA: Emma Goldie (Alkimos Beach)