Meet Nicholas Filippakis, Natural Healthcare practitioner at Blakes Crossing 




It only gets better at Blakes Crossing.  


We welcome Nicholas Filippakis, the founder of Adelaide Complementary Medicine Clinic now based at Allcare Medical Centre, Blakes Crossing.

Nicholas is a qualified Medical Scientist and Natural Healthcare practitioner and has been a practising accredited Natural Healthcare Practitioner for more than 30 years.

His focus is on natural medicine, clinical nutrition (obesity, weight control and metabolic health management), western herbal medicine and musculoskeletal therapy.

Nicholas has postgraduate qualifications and training in complementary medicine and has certifications in infrared thermal imaging, laser therapy, dry needling and auriculotherapy.

He is a Registered Scientist with the Institute of Biomedical Science and Board Certified with the American Academy of Medical Infrared Imaging (1990).


  • Nicholas holds professional membership with the following associations:
  • Australian Medical Laser Association
  • Australian Integrative Medicine Association
  • National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
  • National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

Welcome to Blakes Crossing Nicholas.  If you wish to make an appointment with Nicholas call Allcare on 7078 4566 or email [email protected]