Paving the way to a new construction industry


Paving the way to a new construction industry


For the construction industry to become more efficient, we must challenge industry standards and create new benchmarks - innovation is central to the future of construction.

Our founder, Dick Dusseldorp, was an innovator – he made a difference through his creative and customer-centric attitude and actions.

At Lendlease, we believe in empowering everyone and giving every seed of an idea its best chance to flourish.

The construction industry is rapidly evolving. As the younger generations enter the workforce and the talent pool files in, new and advanced digital technology has been developed to boost standards and efficiency on our sites. At Lendlease's International Quarter London and Elephant Park sites, we are already realising the benefits.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and cloud-based systems significantly streamline coordination and management between designers, contractors and project managers - reducing costs and saving time. Cross Laminated Timber improves environmental credentials, reduces waste and allows for energy-efficient air-tight structures. We're delivering end products with unrivaled quality and speeding up the time spent onsite with prefabricated offsite construction.

See the technologies in action

Produced in conjunction with Chartered Institute of Building’s Mastermind of Construction and ITN Productions, thi video shows these technologies in action at our International Quarter London construction site