Living Here

Groups and Events

Creating safe, self-sustaining communities where neighbours have the opportunity to meet and become friends is an important part of all Lendlease communities.

Thoughtful town planning will give Harpley the village-like atmosphere that neighbourhoods always had in the past.

Resident Welcome Program

Our Resident Welcome Program will help you quickly become part of our growing community.

  • You’ll receive a welcome kit, which contains a range of useful local information, including details on schools and education facilities, community groups, emergency services, transport and recreation facilities. You’ll even receive a special housewarming gift!
  • Our Community Development team will welcome you when you arrive and are on hand to develop programs, activities and events to meet the needs of residents.
  • You’ll be invited to regular Group Welcome Sessions for new residents where you can also learn about what’s happening in and around Harpley and of course meet new neighbours.

Community Groups and Events

Along with our planned Residents Welcome Program, Harpley will hold regular community events as residents move in.

As Harpley grows, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people with common interests, whether it’s through a sporting group, mother’s group or just a cup of coffee with new friends.

Our Community Manager will also help connect groups of residents with shared interests and hobbies to form new community groups.