Living Here




A Community for all Seasons


The key urban design principles that underpin the Calderwood Valley’s masterplan include:

  • A flexible masterplan that allows the grid and product to adapt to market changes and to meet affordability expectations.
  • Provision of a legible street pattern connecting key amenities to villages to create a walkable community.
  • Enhance and utilise the existing natural features of the site, such as Johnsons Spur and Macquarie Rivulet.
  • Wherever possible align streets to frame views to the creeks and rivers.
  • Respect local Indigenous and European heritage values.
  • Retail, commercial and educational facilities to service the community and its residents.
  • Use of materials that reflect the sites inherent character, such as large shade trees, natural gravels and stone, rustic metals, natural timber and rolling grasslands.
  • Retain existing mature trees wherever possible.


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