Living Here

Sustainability and Environment



Bingara Gorge is the Housing Industry Association’s first Green Smart Advanced Estate.


As the Housing Industry Association’s first Green Smart Advanced Estate, homes at Bingara Gorge emit 30 per cent less greenhouse gases than a standard home through the use of solar power, more efficient appliances and environmentally friendly building initiatives.

Bingara Gorge also has an advanced Water Cycle Management Strategy that collects and recycles water for use in the community, ensuring we have a safe and sustainable water supply for the future. We use the privately owned and operated Wilton Recycled Water Treatment Plant, which treats waste water from homes and commercial properties at Bingara Gorge through a four-barrier treatment process. Recycled water collected from sewerage waste, household grey water and pool water runoff can be used for flushing toilets, gardens and for maintaining parklands, public gardens and the golf course. The Plant has a low carbon footprint and energy consumption and does not produce noise or odour nuisance. For more information