How to Hygge your home

Have you heard of hygge? Pronounced hoo-gah or heurgh, it’s the Danish concept of cosiness that’s taking the world of interior design by storm. We worked with Cotton On Home to make adding hygge to your home easy.

To create hygge means to create a warmth in your home that’s inviting, enticing and natural. Taking inspiration from the world around you helps to create a hygge home. Look to nature (the colour green is trending right now), and combine it with other natural textures (such as wood, wool and leather), as well as more personal, human elements that spark emotion, and you’ve got it: the ultimate in hygge. Need more help? Read on.

Light candles

Warm, flickering firelight is the essence of hygge. Fireplaces are less common in Australia than they are in Denmark, so use beautifully scented candles for a classically comfy touch that adds warmth and ambience.

From Cotton On Home: Astrid candle in small, medium or large $12.95–$29.95

Create a snuggle space

There’s nothing more hygge than cuddling up on the couch, and you can make your favourite seat super snuggly with chunky throws and cosy cushions. Combine a variety of different fabrics and textures such as cable knits, linens and faux furs for a beautiful, layered hygge look and feel.

From Cotton On Home: Lottie cushion $69.95, MT Settat cushion $49.95, Maya knitted throw $89.00, Mena throw $59.95

Sip hot drinks

Once you’ve got your cosy corner sorted, it’s time to complete the look by adding your favourite hot beverage and a really good book. Whether it’s a deliciously warm cup of tea, smooth, foamy coffee or a deliciously rich hot chocolate with marshmallows on the side, taking time out to kick back, relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures is what hygge is all about.

From Cotton On Home: Fern mug $7.95

Bring the outdoors in

The Danes delight in fresh, bright florals, raw timbers and the leafy green of indoor plants. Adding some natural touches should be one of the first steps when you decide to hygge your home. Whether you opt for a beautiful bouquet, some Aussie favourites (such as eucalyptus) or an air-purifying plant, use classic ceramic vases in on-trend colours to create a stylish, hygge finish.

From Cotton On Home: Emile vase $14.95

Eat sweet treats

Food and family sharing are central to creating a hygge home, and at the heart of this wonderfully Danish tradition is the idea of indulging in sweet delights like pastries, cakes and chocolate. Share your tasty treats on a raw timber serving board and spread the love throughout your home by letting everyone help themselves.

From Cotton On Home: Rona serving board $29.95

Be sentimental

At the essence of hygge is surrounding yourself with people and objects you love, and that means giving your favourite treasures, books and family keepsakes pride of place. Frame photographs and works of art in floating frames and raw timbers. Place books you love on coffee tables and shelves to add colour and interest. Or keep your jewellery in a beautiful box to make a personal (and stylish) statement.

From Cotton On Home: Brigitta jewellery box $24.95, Silana frame $19.95

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