Local Business Profile: Offspring Education


Lara Jennings, Founder of Offspring Education just moved her home e-commerce store to Western BACE at Atherstone in June this year. She sells children’s educational products for early learning centres and schools from her website but welcomes parents from the Atherstone community to also come and visit her bricks and mortar store too.

Why did you decide to move your family into the Melton community in 2013?

We moved to Melton when I was pregnant with my son. We chose Melton because it was this great balance of country life but still close enough for the opportunities that Melbourne city provides.

Why did you decide to move your business to Western BACE at Atherstone?

We made the move into Western BACE because our business was growing at a rapid rate and we needed the support of the Business Accelerator Program. The support they have given me as a business owner has been pivotal to our success. Even before we officially moved out to Western BACE, they took the time to talk to me about my business and point me in the right direction when I wasn't sure about something. I love being a part of the community spirit there.

Why should the community at Atherstone support local small business?

Supporting local business is a great way to keep jobs in our local area. As we get bigger it will be more difficult to travel for work so we want to make sure we have a thriving workforce in our locality.

When you support local small business it helps local families put food on the table and participate in local sporting clubs. We need support so we can support the local community too!

Is your warehouse at Western BACE open to the general public?

Our warehouse is open to the public to shop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 2pm (except public holidays).

We do have families come in to get advice about the products that would be best for their child's educational needs outside of those hours as well. We recommend families to call ahead to make an appointment so we can be sure to have someone there to help.

When parents are looking to select a school or childcare centre for their kids, what are the top 3 things they should be looking for?

  1. Friendly staff is a big one for me. If the staff are making you feel welcome then it's a sure sign they will do the same for your children to feel welcome too.
  2. I recommend visiting any school or centre that you are interested in in person. You can ask questions about what they offer and then decide if they are the right fit for you and your child.
  3. The other thing you should look for is happy kids!

What is the one must have educational toy or resource that all parents should have in the home?

At least three different types of wooden blocks! They are a resource that every child can play with. When children play with blocks, they are being creative, problem solving, persisting and imagining. Just to name a few skills!